Welcome to the Cathedral

We are a place of belonging. Whether you are young or old, married or single, straight or gay, rich or poor; whether your faith is strong or weak, clear or uncertain, whether you are seeking or whether you have found,
we welcome you

We gather for activities in the community, to serve, to engage in study, and to enjoy one another.

Our Episcopal Tradition

We believe:

The Holy Scriptures are the revealed word of God, which inspired the human authors of the Scripture,
and which is interpreted by the Church under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The Nicene Creed is the basic statement of our belief about God.

The two great sacraments given by Christ to the church are Baptism and the Holy Eucharist.

The teachings and beliefs of the Episcopal Church are articulated in an
“Outline of the Faith” in our Book of Common Prayer

The Book of Common Prayer is the official book of worship of the Episcopal Church.

The BCP provides liturgical forms, prayers and instructions so that all members and orders of the Episcopal Church may appropriately share in common worship.

The Episcopal Church follows the “via media” or middle way in our theology and discussions because we believe that, whether or not we agree on a particular topic, we are all beloved by God and can have thoughtful and respectful discussions. There are no prerequisites in the Episcopal Church…everyone is welcome.