Who We Are


Worship draws us together, uniting us in prayer, readings, and around the table of bread and wine. On Sundays, we gather at 10am for a service of Eucharist following our Episcopal tradition. Throughout the month we offer evening contemplative services.  During covid, our services are all online, found on our Facebook page and YouTube channel

Our worship strengthens us to do the work of seeking justice, caring for creation, nurturing reconciliation, and spreading peace in the city of Erie, northwestern Pennsylvania, and beyond.


We are a place of belonging. Whether you are young or old, married or single, straight or gay, rich or poor; whether your faith is strong or weak, clear or uncertain, whether you are seeking or whether you have found, we welcome you. 

We gather for activities in the community, to serve, to engage in study, and to enjoy one another.


​Our faith calls us to engage our city.  We focus on partnering with organizations in Erie to work for justice, peace, and right in the city. Together with St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, we work with numerous community partners, from schools to local neighborhood associations. We help out with homeless shelters, feeding programs, holiday drives, advocacy groups, peace teams, and more.  Christ calls us to serve; service is central to our mission.

A few of our partners include Our West Bayfront, Charter School for Excellence, Harding Elementary,
The Haven, and NWPA PRIDE.


Truth matters and integrity is important. None of us are perfect; we are all on the journey of growing more and more into the image of Christ. We are called to serve and be together as ourselves, receiving grace from God and walking
humbly with one another. We desire to live out our theology; that what we say matches how we act in the world.


We are firmly rooted in the confession that the Son of God became a person in Jesus Christ so that people might become sons and daughters of God. Although we may each understand this faith statement differently, at the Cathedral, we adhere to a faith that is Trinitarian, confessing our trust in God who is Father/Creator, Son, and Holy Spirit. This God is love and calls us into loving relationship with God’s self, our own self, and others.


Every person is invited into the love of God as a beloved child, and the Cathedral wishes to mirror that invitation. We also confess that as a Trinity, God is relationship and invites us into relationship with one another, honoring and learning from our differences. Whether you are single or married, young or old, gay or straight, cis or trans, black, brown, or white, or any other identifier, we mean it when we say you are invited to join us. We understand God as unity in diversity and hope our congregation reflects that commitment.

Other Oriented

God is a missional God, even sending the Son of God into the world. We understand that we too are sent out into the world to love and serve others. We are not inward-facing, but rather oriented to the city, understanding ourselves as ambassadors of love in concrete ways. We face outwards, ready to engage the world in ways that are peaceful, just, and make for human-flourishing.


Whether in sermons or formation, deciding which organizations with which to partner or choosing how to allocate resources, we do so with deliberateness and discernment. We act with intentionality. It defines how we are together and undergirds the culture of the congregation.