Your generosity enables us to support community projects, give assistance to those in need, offer a variety of programs, from choral programs to Christian formation. 

We are grateful for your financial gifts.

Stewardship in the Episcopal Church includes a reverence for God’s creation, the proper use of the gifts God has given us, and a consistent offering of time, talent, and treasure for the mission and ministry of the Church.  Each year we invite active attendees of the Cathedral to consider or continue their annual financial pledge.  

Why We Give

Formation gives us the opportunity to know Christ more deeply, allowing His light to shine brightly through the study of scripture, small groups, and fellowship. These opportunities ground our knowledge of who we are, who God is, and how we live faithfully in the world. As Erie Episcopal, we have re-imagined programs of the past and developed various new ways of being and learning – a dawning, if you will, of a new and exciting season for the Episcopal Church in Erie.

We strive to meet each person with the light and love of God wherever they might find themselves on the journey of faith.

Just as the gates of God’s Kingdom are always open, we are reminded to always be open to where God is calling us next, especially when dealing with people on the margins. The Erie Episcopal collaboration has allowed us to increase our impact in three areas: homelessness, education, and work with new Americans.

Over 400 meals per month are provided to our homeless siblings throughout Erie. Winter coats, food and hygiene products, school supplies, and other emergency needs of students are being provided to our partnership schools. Our work with new Americans has allowed us the opportunity to prepare homes for refugees, gather necessary supplies and meet basic needs such as snow shovels and warm blankets. Additionally, we continue to build relationships with the Our West Bayfront neighborhood and the LGBTQ+ community.

By staying open to God’s call, we have been privileged to know and love many that society has ignored – by day or night our gates shall never be shut.

Rejoicing in the words of the prophet Isaiah, the Cathedral believes that we are sustained through the praise and worship of God in Jesus Christ. Through our music, prayers, readings, silence, confessions, sermons, and sacraments – we find our strength to meet the coming day and live into the call that God has placed upon each of our lives.

Through the variety of worship opportunities offered – Sunday morning Eucharist, Taizé, Celtic Worship, Mindfulness, and others – we seek to create a space where everyone has an opportunity to encounter the living truth of God’s salvation.

A place where we know deeply that we are known by God, loved by God, and sustained by God.