Your generosity enables us to support community projects, give assistance to those in need, offer a variety of programs, from choral programs to Christian formation.  We are grateful for your financial gifts.

Stewardship in the Episcopal Church includes a reverence for God’s creation, the proper use of the gifts God has given us, and a consistent offering of time, talent, and treasure for the mission and ministry of the Church.  Each year we invite active attendees of the Cathedral to consider or continue their annual financial pledge.  

Erie Gives Day 2022

Erie Gives Day is Tuesday, August 9 from 8:00 A.M. until 8:00 P.M. This is a great day to support the Cathedral. Donate $25 or more and a prorated match will be added to your gift. Find us listed as The Episcopal Cathedral of St. Paul – Visit to donate.

At the Cathedral of Paul, we use Realm.  Realm is a church software that allows members to create and edit their own profiles, see a calendar, and give online.  If you are a member of the Cathedral, we encourage you to set up a profile by emailing our Parish Administrator, Niambi Mercado.  In Realm you are able to make your pledge and set up online giving.  If you know your login, use the button below. 

Contact Niambi Mercado for information on offering envelopes.  To cancel your e-giving on our current platform, which will eventually be removed, click on the button.

Why I Give

I give to the Cathedral because the Cathedral is my spiritual home. It’s like helping to support family, feeding what feeds me. But it’s also true that there are certain things I want to support in the world because I value them: education, the arts, feeding the hungry. I give to support these things in the world beyond the Cathedral, but the Cathedral does all these things, too. We educate people in our faith tradition and support our public schools, we make music together, and we feed the hungry. What is unique about the church is that we do these things in the name of God and our Lord Jesus Christ, so that as we give we are also testifying to God’s great love for the world, and that’s really important to me.