Job Openings

Currently, as part of Erie Episcopal, we are hiring the following positions.

Associate Priest

The Associate will engage in several primary facets of parish ministry, including but not limited to, liturgical responsibilities, pastoral care, and ministry in the community.  As programming is implemented and developed, the Associate is encouraged to explore other ministry opportunities throughout the city that contribute to the mission of the Episcopal Church and align with their gifts/interests.  This position is a salaried position with family healthcare, pension, and sick/vacation time and reports to the Executive Director of St. Mark’s. See the full description below, which includes how to apply.

Director of Children and Youth Ministries

The Director of Children & Youth Ministries seeks to develop faith-focused, authentically Episcopal, Christian education opportunities for children, youth, and young adults.  The Director will partner with the leadership at Erie Episcopal to help children and youth think more deeply about their faith and about their actions in the world. Although this position is housed at the Cathedral of St. Paul, the Cathedral is in creative collaboration with St. Mark’s Episcopal as Erie Episcopal, with one staff.  The Director of Children and Youth Ministries is part of what is already an exciting partnership in Erie for the Kingdom.  This position is a salaried position, with sick/vacation time, family health care, and pension,  and reports to the Dean of the Cathedral. The full description is available below, which includes how to apply.