School Partnerships

Together with St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, the Cathedral is partnered with several area schools.  Our involvement with schools includes volunteers in the building, but also support to students and families.  In covid, our relationship to the schools is evolving in new ways as we find ways to support teachers and student through this difficult time. 

Upon retirement, I began to search for meaningful volunteer activities. The Cathedral’s mission offered me the volunteer activities I desired. Through my volunteer work at the Cathedral I have formed a new circle of friends and enjoyed meaningful outreach work. Among the most satisfying is mentoring students at Pfeiffer-Burleigh Elementary. I work with kindergartners who are developing their reading skills. Over the course of the year, students have progressed from learning letters and sounds to reading basic sentences. I cannot explain how exciting it is to see them grow and learn. The kids and I also have a lot of laughs along the way. I am thankful that St. Paul’s has directed me to this great experience in my retirement. 

~ Glenn, Cathedral member and volunteer