Fourth Sunday after Pentecost, June 16

The parables Jesus tells are not linear and often undercut expectations. That is certainly true this week when Jesus compares the Kingdom of God to a shrub in which birds nest. Isn’t that a little uninspiring or is Jesus up to something different in this parable?

Third Sunday after Pentecost, June 9

Today, the scribes and Jesus’ family come to “restain” him in his ministry. We tend to label that as malevolent intent, but maybe they think they are doing the will of God. What does that mean for anyone thinking they know the will of God?

Second Sunday after Pentecost, June 2

Jesus has a dispute with the authorities over whether to heal someone on the sabbath. Is it about the sabbath only or something bigger?

Trinity Sunday, May 26

Today is Trinity Sunday, a wonderful feast to remind us of how the doctrine of the Trinity is the ground of our being.