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Sunday, November 27th,
Advent 1

As we begin Advent, we are reminded again of the theme of staying awake to our souls and to God.  How do we hear that message each year as it is repeated, but not the same?

Sunday, November 20th, Last Sunday After Pentecost

This final Sunday of the liturgical year reminds us of the arc of time: that it bends towards Christ.  How do we think about history and about our role in it in relationship to Christ?

Sunday, November 13th,
Twenty-Third Sunday After Pentecost

Jesus in his discourse from today’s reading gives us a litany of chaotic events befalling human life, and yet, in the middle, he says there is opportunity. What does that mean?

Sunday, November 6th All Saints’ Sunday

All Saints’ has death implicitly at its center, as we celebrate the faithful who came before us. Many of those saints understood that living and dying well mattered and that a life well lived was preparation for death. What does that actually mean for people of faith?