seeking the third way

Grounded in spiritual principles, we strive to bridge the gap between people, organizations, and government by advocating for policies that foster human flourishing and thriving communities

About the Erie Spiritual Coalition

We work with neighborhood groups, associations, nonprofits, and individuals to better understand the needs of our city, craft relevant solutions, generate buy-in, and work for policy change.

Some of our members are also a part of the Islamic Society, Benedictines for Peace, Sisters of St. Joseph Neighborhood Network, Emmaus Soup Kitchen, Gannon University, Mercyhurst University, and various churches.

Our Values

Collaborating for Common Good
Every person has inherent value, worth, and dignity.  Because this is so, all governance and societal structures should aim to support human wellbeing.  We believe goodness is abundant and that our life together need not be competitive. We can seek the good of all people and live well together.

Striving for Integrity
We honor relationships by practicing accountability and justice in all community spaces.  Transparency, honesty, and clarity are values that help us to understand issues and one another.  We understand that truth-telling and appropriate vulnerability build trust.

Pursuing Sustainable Solutions
We go to and involve the folks most impacted by issues to help create cultural and systemic change. Solutions are found by seeking solidarity with those impacted by problems, overcoming the rush to quick fixes that are not sustainable, and navigating around partisanship.

Fostering Openness
We take a posture of sacred listening, desiring to create space for courageous conversations, sharing truths, developing actions, and engaging diverse people and groups.  Spaces where people can share their truths and experiences with honesty and receive respect matter; those are times when we all stand together on holy ground.

We are of different faiths and spiritualities, but understand ourselves as enter politics for the sake of the wellbeing of city residents and from a grounded center.

In 2024, after consulting with area agencies, nonprofits, and individuals, we are working on issues related to housing, particularly folks most at risk of losing their housing and becoming homeless.

Current Work

We are holding a series of meetings to continue ongoing community conversations about housing. We have drafted a Tenant Bill of Rights, which we are presenting for public comment, and we are raising awareness about the upcoming March re-evaluation of how HUD funds are spent by City Council.

Download a copy of the Tenant Bill of Rights or the Community Housing Solutions presentation by clicking the button(s) below.