Visiting the Cathedral

Located in the heart of Erie, we are a sacred space for all people. We celebrate traditional Episcopal services on Sunday mornings, including the Eucharist, and variety of other services throughout the month- when it is not covid. We invite you to explore which worship experience is right for your spiritual journey.

When coming to the Cathedral, you will notice people of all ages and genders, sexualities and backgrounds. We strive to model of the kingdom of God: a place where all are welcome in their diversity to join together in a common desire to encounter God. All ranges of dress can be found on a Sunday, but you will find that folks to tend dress up a bit more for those services than throughout the week. Children are welcome in worship or to attend our nursery.

On Sundays we celebrate the meal of bread and wine to remember Jesus and as a means of special grace. The second half of the service is focused on this meal. It is the custom at the Cathedral to come forward to receive the bread and wine; if you wish not to receive, you may come forward for a blessing or remain in your seat. If you come forward for a blessing, simply cross your arms over your chest so you signal to our clergy your intentions. Children are invited to partake of the Eucharist, as they are equally part of God’s kingdom.

When you are ready to meet people, we invite you to come to our gathering time, which generally involves hot beverages and delightful snacks. Each Sunday after the worship services, we gather to connect and converse.

The Cathedral is a place where people come for one Sunday to visit and where people come to find a community to which they can belong at a deeper level. We hope you’ll find what is comfortable for you.

We are located at 134 West Seventh Street, in the heart of the Gannon University Campus. Parking is available on 6th Street or in the parking lot next to Gannon’s Nash Library off 7th and Sassafras. Our building is handicapped accessible from the 7th Street parking lot, where handicapped parking is available.